The Chasm

Cataclysmic foreshocks rumble throughout our society daily. Most of us acknowledge the unsteadiness but hurry on, hoping everything will stabilize, that our world will remain the same. Just like the seismic shifts beneath the earth’s surface signal an earthquake to the scientists, cultural swings foretell looming disaster, an ever-widening chasm reflecting the cultural shifts.

Keeping our balance

For years many of us have tried to have one foot on one side of the chasm, while keeping the other foot on the familiar other side. We hope the chasm will not widen, but inch by inch the gap is growing broader, causing us to struggle to keep our balance and support our precarious stance.

Teetering on the edge

However, the gap is getting too wide to buttress our equilibrium. Things like abortion-on-demand up to birth, gay marriage, civil rights, politics, the police, border control, religion, and other critical issues assault our senses, causing us to waver to re-establish our balance. Many hope to embrace both sides of these issues and still preserve our position and our friendships. Hoping to please and not offend, we find ourselves in danger of falling into the yawning chasm below.

Making the choice

At some point, we realize we must decide—go with the cultural shifts or jump to the other side—our traditional and Godly values. That leap of faith separates us from others, some of whom are family and friends. We face the epithet of being judgmental and lacking compassion, when, in fact, we are preserving righteousness. God has said in His word there can be no justice is there is no righteousness, and, as His people, we must choose the world or Him.

More shifts

The chasm will continue to widen. Just this week, the California Assembly passed a law that children can give consent to sexual encounters, opening the door to the normalization of pedophilia. New York allows the abandonment of babies born in a botched abortion, allowing them to die. Vile and obscene exploitation of women and children fill our homes with sewage from our television sets.

Suffering persecution

The anger permeating our society is palpable. The shifts in culture force people to take sides, resulting in rationalization, justification, promoting lies to support their position, and hatred for anyone who disagrees. The result—a nation divided.

The Way

There is a way to stabilize America. God’s side of the chasm brings hope, mercy, and justice for all. He gives us a new life, and a way to walk in His ways, the ancient paths. We can leave the chasm behind and return to being the nation who entered a covenant with Almighty God to follow His ways, not the ways of the world.

Author: jleasmith

I have led bible studies for over thirty-five years and one thing I have learned--God uses imperfect people who believe and trust Him. Therefore, I have written fictional accounts of selected Bible characters in order to display God's mercy and love to less than perfect people. In fact, I found He goes out of His way to display their shortcomings and failings in order to demonstrate His grace. The Old and New Testament are inexorably intertwined in order to display the scarlet thread of redemption. His promises are ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ. These three books encompass the Old Testament and those who believed in things unseen. It is my hope that readers will see that scarlet thread moving in the lives of ordinary men and women today. The early saints looked forward to a promised redeemer, but we look back upon His life and ministry. We must make a choice to believe or not. His reward is not based on works, but faith alone. We are no different than those ancient people.

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