The Invasion

The sun hung like a brass coin in the blue sky. The 100-degree heat enveloped us like a shroud. Clouds of dust rose as we walked to our destination—a border rally sponsored by FAIR. Then we saw it—miles and miles of iron fencing, a stark sentinel in a deceptively peaceful scene. The realization of what that much-debated wall meant hit all of us like a massive wave from the sea.

I stared at it a long time, trying to sort out my feelings—awe at its massiveness, understanding that the wall was a barrier, and a realization of what it means to be American. Lee Greenwood’s anthem “I’m proud to be an American” resounded through the surrounding mountains and in my heart. As I sang the words, I realized that my pride in being an American didn’t say it all. I am thankful to be an American! I am thankful for the founding fathers, though imperfect, who prepared a document, the Constitution, unique throughout world history. I am thankful for those who died protecting our borders in war. I am grateful to those who protect our sovereignty today. I am thankful for my freedom. All I could do was raise my eyes to the heavens and thank the One upon Whom this nation was founded. However, with that freedom comes a responsibility for us all. We cannot allow blatant encroachment of that precious Constitution to go on without speaking up.

Standing at the wall, looking across to another nation, whose border patrol was clearly in view, I understood why so many want to come to this country. Hearing the stories of the price these people pay the cartels to transport them, the rapes, the sex trafficking, the drugs, and who knows what else, struck both sympathy and fear into my heart.

The wall in this sector is complete. BUT the technology that should go with the wall is absent because our current president has shut it down. Speech after speech ranging from the former ICE director to Angel Family members who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants or deadly drugs that come in with the tide of humanity being allowed to enter our country with immunity.

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution says: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion….” The Federal government has usurped state’s rights by allowing the pouring in of people who themselves have been manipulated by the cartels. They charge exorbitant fees and often coerce them to carry drugs on their person. The cartels use them as a distraction for their real money-maker—drugs. Unaccompanied children, and children who have no biological commonality with the “families” they are travelling with, are put at risk, pawns in a deadly game of drug and sex trafficking.

There has been an exponential increase in drugs entering this country since the Biden administration took over, particularly Fentanyl, a drug so deadly it only takes minute dosages to kill. China is the largest producer of Fentanyl.  Much of it comes through Mexico and the southern border. Often disguised as a Percocet tablet, it has the ability to kill. That on its own should be enough to close the border.  Yet, as there is an enormous increase of confiscated drugs throughout our nation, there seems to be no sense of urgency for our government to do their duty—protect our borders and Americans.  

Many sheriffs from all over the country attended, proving that this is not just a border state problem. These drugs and trafficked persons are sent throughout the country, forcing states to assimilate, feed, and supply medical service for them at taxpayer expense. A sheriff from Massachusetts said they have the largest illegal problem in the country, showing it is an American problem. All the sheriffs stood before us holding banners of faces, approximately 200 to a page, represented American lives lost at the hand of drunken illegal drivers, gangs, and drugs. The line of banners stretched as far as I could see. I thought of my own grandchildren who, while not prone to taking drugs, might be enticed to “try” a phony Percocet as an experiment. I thought of the sex slaves and laborers—the modern slavery—and I wept.

Freedom comes at a price—the very least Americans should do is to understand our republic, its laws, and Constitution. The “silent majority” cannot afford to stay silent anymore.

Author: jleasmith

I have led bible studies for over thirty-five years and one thing I have learned--God uses imperfect people who believe and trust Him. Therefore, I have written fictional accounts of selected Bible characters in order to display God's mercy and love to less than perfect people. In fact, I found He goes out of His way to display their shortcomings and failings in order to demonstrate His grace. The Old and New Testament are inexorably intertwined in order to display the scarlet thread of redemption. His promises are ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ. These three books encompass the Old Testament and those who believed in things unseen. It is my hope that readers will see that scarlet thread moving in the lives of ordinary men and women today. The early saints looked forward to a promised redeemer, but we look back upon His life and ministry. We must make a choice to believe or not. His reward is not based on works, but faith alone. We are no different than those ancient people.

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