History Repeats Itself in Cycles

People make history. Survival, desires, hopes and dreams drive people no matter the historical era. In primitive societies the biggest need was survival in a harsh environment that gave no quarter. As humans progressed, other things drove their progress. Nations appeared.

Sophisticated and More Wise

Modern people think of themselves as more sophisticated and more wise, but oddly enough, throughout history the same things that have built, and later toppled civilizations, remain true in modern times. Alexander Tyler, a history professor at the University of Edinburgh, noticed civilizations went through cycles of 200 years. His “Cycle of History” describes what is happening in our nation today.


God has blessed America with an abundance of tillable land, rivers, forests, minerals, material things and a solid foundation. The U.S. Constitution is unique; our founding fathers from the Pilgrims to settlers in other colonies pledged themselves to covenants made with God. God has blessed them and us because we have from our start been God-centered.


Unfortunately, abundance breeds selfishness. When more is not enough, humans start looking around for what they can take from others and demanding more.


Once a nation has most of their needs met, complacency takes place. Today’s society wants convenience, instant gratification, and things that make us feel good about ourselves; expecting it will never change.  Having “material things” we want gives satisfaction and, can lead to thinking it will always be that way. A tendency appears to whine and complain. Entitlement becomes the norm.


When a nation’s needs are satisfied, it can lapse into apathy. Instead of being grateful for blessings, people begin to criticize everything…nothing is enough, but not having enough doesn’t spur them to action. They accept no responsibility for their plight and blame everyone and everything else.


Nations come to expect certain things. When they want more, compromise leads to loss of independence. They start looking to socialism or communism as an answer. Government must supply those things they now consider essential. Instead of looking to God, a socialist or communist government becomes the answer to their demands. Like wild horses lured into a corral by a continuous supply of feed by those who would entrap them, nations find themselves entrapped by a false sense of security and dependence on the supplier of their desires. Freedom dies in the process.


As they look around their safe and secure, but restrictive environment, they come to realize no one is going to set them free. The socialist or communist government’s hand-outs trap them. Free services ensnare; with the other side of the governmental “gift” – regulations and restrictions. Placing desires before freedom, ensnared nations lose the will to fight.

Spiritual Awakening

At some point, some will remember the abundance God provided to a nation who obeyed His laws and put Him first. People will begin to search for a “common cause” to believe in other than the dreary tasteless fare the socialist or communistic government offers.


Some will decide to fight for their freedom, just as the Founding Fathers did so long ago. They will recognize their rebellion from God and battle for freedom at great cost to themselves. Courage replaces apathy and complacency.


When sacrifice and courage restore liberty, prosperity follows, only to repeat the cycle again when abundance becomes expected.

An Example

Israel’s history is a good example of this cycle. As a nation set up by God, they acknowledged His blessings, and they thrived. However, at some point a generation arose that didn’t know God, and they did what they thought was right in their own eyes. God judged them and allowed their enemies to plunder them. When they came to their senses, God sent them a deliverer to rescue them. The book of Judges is a treatise on the cycle’s nations follow.


Most in the U.S. don’t see the error in forgetting God. They are unable to understand the difficulties we now face in relationship to our disobedience and forgetfulness of the One who is the Sustainer. It is only when God’s people humble themselves and pray; seek His face and turn away from their wicked ways that God will hear their prayers and will heal their land. Something to ponder.

I Am Proud to be an American

Lee Greenwood’s anthem, “I’m Proud to be an American” recently made the rounds of Facebook and YouTube in commemoration of July 4th. Every time I hear it my heart swells with pride and gratitude for the blessings God has given to this country. Past 4th of July celebrations swirl in my mind—picnics, fireworks, patriotic songs, chasing fireflies, and flags everywhere. Happy memories of a time past.

A new normal?

This 4th was more subdued—no family, no fireworks, and the threat of a disease no one seems to fathom. The televised onslaught of mobs defacing and tearing down statues, rioting, blocking roads, and screaming epithets at anyone who disagreed with them brought tears to my eyes. Such a contrast to carefree outings with families, children with sparklers signing their names, and the tasty food. Many Americans, like my husband and I, felt appalled at the unchecked violence and hatred. We love this country, not because it is perfect, but because our system of government is flexible enough to remedy societal ills without violence. Americans used to be able to disagree with each other without retaliation.


Christ gave His assessment of the churches in Asia to John, one of His disciples. The first church, Ephesus, had started out well, but had forgotten her first love, the things she did at first. Christ told this church to remember her past and repent.  America too needs to remember who she was. She was a light shining on a hill, a beacon to the downtrodden, and a place where freedom was not just a longing, but a fact. Blood, sweat, and tears of all races secured America. She became a great nation because her people understood sacrifice and hard work. Americans took risks, showed courage in expanding her borders to the west coast, and did not expect instant reward.


Some Americans seem to have forgotten their past and the grit that made this country great. They demand respect but do nothing to earn it. Many are moving toward a hybrid socialism/Marxism that supplies everything but opportunity unless you are one of the elite hierarchy or race du jour. America has always been diverse, having welcomed people from all nations and cultures. However, America cannot stand if her diversity becomes an obstacle to the freedom of every individual.


History is the story of people whose desires, emotions, and aspirations are no different than ages past. To ignore our history is to wipe out the accomplishments, and yes, sometimes mistakes, to our own detriment. A people who do not know who they are turn out to be a people despoiled. Eventually, a benevolent despot or a tyrant must bring about order. History records events without commentary. It is up to us to learn from history, not destroy it.


If we genuinely believe that God loves all nations, nationalities, races, and creeds enough to provide a way of salvation, then we must work together with Him to return our nation to a place God can bless again. Unity is essential for a free and productive society—loving our neighbor is the first step to making America great again.