Ancient civilizations survived by building walls around their towns and villages. Watchtowers served the larger towns by warning of invaders, so the townspeople could run inside for safety behind closed massive gates. God commissioned Ezekiel, one of God’s greatest prophets, to be a “watchman” on the wall—to warn people of coming dangers. Sometimes the people listened; but often they ignored the warnings and listened to the lies of those telling them what they wanted to hear. Nevertheless, Ezekiel continued to sound the warning.

Our heritage and our Constitution

The founding fathers and those who first arrived on America’s shores created documents that served as covenants with God as a witness. The Constitution’s preamble says that it was to ensure justice, domestic tranquility, provide for the commondefense; promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to our children and grandchildren. It has stood for generations as our wall to protect us from despots and tyrants.

America’s wall has breaches

In ancient times, enemies would batter walls until they secured a breach; then they would pour in and overtake the city. Inspections by the townspeople were essential. Often when they discovered deteriorated parts of the wall, they filled them with weaker materials and whitewashed them to give the people the semblance of security. But…it was a false security. America’s walls are not as strong as they once were. We have, through neglect and believing those in power assuring us we are safe allowed the breaches to further erode. And to be honest, we as a people do not want to hear doom and gloom…and…we are reluctant to get to work and shore up the breaches with solid boulders of truth. We believe lies because it allows us to feel safe, and we do not want to do the work it takes to repair our broken-down walls. Our excuse is “I am only one person; what can I do? “The rocks are too heavy.” “People won’t like me if I go against the culture’s frauds, even though I know they are wrong.,” and “It’s too late to do anything.” “We the People” means all of us.

It is never too late

Fortunately, for now, the Constitution still stands as our wall. And, despite those who promote revised histories, and the disparagement of critics, there is still a remnant of people who know and understand we have a nation that God gave us. And…make no mistake…He is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. He is waiting for us to wake up and return to Him, so He can heal our land. He is calling us to return to His paths and walk in them. (Is30:21).

How do we return?

Return to Him. The Bible records His voice and His character. He tells us He hears our prayers…in fact…He stores all our tears in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8) He shines like a beacon of Light to show us back to His ways. He protects us against the lies of evil. Psalm 23 tells us He prepares a table for us amid our enemies. He wins! And He is the Author of second beginnings.

Another chance

We must inspect our wall. Currently, those who hate this country have ignored our Constitution. Article IV Section 4 states the Federal government must protect us against invasion. And Amendment X which gives enumerated powers to the Federal government; the states keep all others, including elections. Familiarize yourself with this amazing document that is unique in history. Use the plumbline of God’s word against what you hear.


Pray for wisdom from God as to your choice of those who will uphold the law. Pray for our nation and pray our people begin to rebuild and repair our wall of protection from God and our Constitution.


In ancient times, a wall with strong gates surrounded every city or town. Citizens installed watchtowers so the watchmen would see for great distances, observing the surroundings for enemies. Entrusted with the people’s well-being, the watchmen were committed to sound the warning of impending danger so people could flee to the security of the wall. If they were derelict in their duty, people would die or become captives to the intruders. Enemies with their own beliefs and customs would engulf the cities, changing everything.  

Today, we do not have physical walls, but our nation has a Constitution written with an allegiance to the God who had blessed them. They did not set up a democracy, where the strongest rule. They wisely established us as a constitutional republic with strict boundaries as to what government can do. Uniquely, they saw the watchmen as ordinary citizens charged with the task of calling the alarm when danger approaches. However, a constitutional republic requires informed citizens. We elect representatives to enact laws, etc., but we have the responsibility to hold them accountable to us, including the President and the executive branch.

Alarms should be sounding all over this nation today. We have an insidious enemy, much like the Trojan horse in ancient times. Our enemies are destroying us from within because we have not sounded the alarm. Some of these enemies come clothed in persuasive words, offers of aid, and words we love to hear, but they come with strings attached. They also promote division to achieve their goals.

Our Constitution is not a perfect wall, but it has protected Americans for over two hundred years. It is unique in that it was bound by principles of Christianity. Freedom, liberty, justice, and mercy for all. Lately those who have filtered into every institution, local and state governments, and even churches have offered solutions outside the wall that shields us from tyranny and loss of freedom.

As Christians, we are “watchmen on the wall”. Ezekiel says in 3:20, that if we succumb to losing our liberty for a hand-out; in other words, don’t stand for righteousness, justice, and mercy, we will cause our nation to fall. We will no longer be unique in history, but just another crumbling empire.

Hosea 4:6 says God’s people face destruction for lack of knowledge. Because they have refused to listen or to warn others, and forgotten His laws, He will forget our children. This sober warning is what should propel us all to be watchmen, caretakers of the blessings God has given us in this nation. Our children, grand-children and later generations need our help to survive.