In ancient times, a wall with strong gates surrounded every city or town. Citizens installed watchtowers so the watchmen would see for great distances, observing the surroundings for enemies. Entrusted with the people’s well-being, the watchmen were committed to sound the warning of impending danger so people could flee to the security of the wall. If they were derelict in their duty, people would die or become captives to the intruders. Enemies with their own beliefs and customs would engulf the cities, changing everything.  

Today, we do not have physical walls, but our nation has a Constitution written with an allegiance to the God who had blessed them. They did not set up a democracy, where the strongest rule. They wisely established us as a constitutional republic with strict boundaries as to what government can do. Uniquely, they saw the watchmen as ordinary citizens charged with the task of calling the alarm when danger approaches. However, a constitutional republic requires informed citizens. We elect representatives to enact laws, etc., but we have the responsibility to hold them accountable to us, including the President and the executive branch.

Alarms should be sounding all over this nation today. We have an insidious enemy, much like the Trojan horse in ancient times. Our enemies are destroying us from within because we have not sounded the alarm. Some of these enemies come clothed in persuasive words, offers of aid, and words we love to hear, but they come with strings attached. They also promote division to achieve their goals.

Our Constitution is not a perfect wall, but it has protected Americans for over two hundred years. It is unique in that it was bound by principles of Christianity. Freedom, liberty, justice, and mercy for all. Lately those who have filtered into every institution, local and state governments, and even churches have offered solutions outside the wall that shields us from tyranny and loss of freedom.

As Christians, we are “watchmen on the wall”. Ezekiel says in 3:20, that if we succumb to losing our liberty for a hand-out; in other words, don’t stand for righteousness, justice, and mercy, we will cause our nation to fall. We will no longer be unique in history, but just another crumbling empire.

Hosea 4:6 says God’s people face destruction for lack of knowledge. Because they have refused to listen or to warn others, and forgotten His laws, He will forget our children. This sober warning is what should propel us all to be watchmen, caretakers of the blessings God has given us in this nation. Our children, grand-children and later generations need our help to survive. 


Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls. But they said, “we will not walk in it.” And I set watchmen over you; listen to the sound of the trumpets.” Jeremiah 6:16-17a

America needs a change in direction; she needs to return to the ancient paths. The watchmen over her have been calling out warnings, and the trumpets have sounded, but America refuses to listen. She pridefully assumes that she will go on forever and does not need God anymore or His hedge of protection. She seeks worldly solutions instead, depending upon her military, her prosperity, other nations, and her false gods to protect her rather than God. We may not worship virtual idols, but we as a nation have not only placed things before God, we have counted on everything else but God.

In ancient Israel, watchmen were to give the warning of invasion. The furthermost border towns had walls around them with a watchtower raised high above the walls. If the watchman saw an invading army, he was to blow his trumpet to alert the people. They then would make a huge bonfire that nearby cities could see, whose watchman would repeat the process until the warning reached Jerusalem.

The Hebrew word for watchman is tsaphah which means “to lean forward; to peer into the distance, to observe.” The ancient prophets, like Ezekiel, commissioned by God and cast in the role of foretelling the future, called for repentance, and encouraged people to follow the ancient paths—found in God’s Word. They were often rejected, and the people of Israel suffered from those civilizations who rose and fell, despite their huge armies and military prowess. Will America live forever?

The United States is at a crossroad. Our founding documents, all the way back to the earliest settlers, centered upon God and His protection—our ancient paths. Those men and women recognized the sovereignty of God, and, while not perfect, could still find their way back to their original covenants with God, and reap the benefit of His protection. He has remained true to His word and America has prospered and remained untouched until 9/11. In a sense, 9/11 was the cry of the watchman calling us back to God and His ancient paths. The sight of our elected officials standing on the Capitol steps singing “God Bless America” after the attack was heartening, but it did not take long for everything to return to paths chosen by men rather than God. America’s leaders’ words were right, but they did not penetrate the heart–except for a remnant.

The ancient prophets God sent to Israel functioned as watchmen in that they called the alarm, urged people to repent and turn back to God, and encouraged them with their foretelling of the future. Today we have God’s written Word and as Christians, the Holy Spirit living in us.

Do you hear the sound of invasion? If so, are you calling out the warning? Will America refuse to listen? God is waiting for Americans to repent from their wicked ways and return to Him. He is looking for those who do justice and seek the truth. His Word is truth. He is compassionate, but He is also just. We must return to the ancient paths to survive.

We live in times of great upheaval. Enemies in the form of ideologies, false assurances, idols, and self-centeredness whisper “Peace, Peace,” but do not shout the warning of judgment. Repentance, agreeing with God’s rules, brings His peace. We can find peace in no one else.